A little bit about us

We have over twenty years experience in all aspects of Landscape Architecture, having developed specialisms in the delivery of sustainable, community-orientated external works design and social housing projects. Since its inception, Red Landscape Design has aimed to rethink the ways in which external works and landscape schemes are designed and implemented on all levels, bringing new thinking and approaches to sustainability, biodiversity and community engagement.

We are passionate about innovative design solutions, community empowerment and about providing outdoor spaces that transform people's quality of life. This passion often translates into a 'hands on' approach, as part of which community groups, local authorities and national agencies become partner organisations with us in the delivery of schemes. Central to our work is a commitment to minimising environmental impacts and carbon footprints.

Red Landscape Research

We also have many years experience in delivering public health research projects for Universities, health care providers, local authorities and the voluntary and community sector.

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